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Thursday, March 21, 2013


I tread carefully because I’ve been here before
burdened and willfully broken down
your hands are too smooth against the rough edges
your yellow brick road is too tempting to follow
I am running, running so fast and so hard
This race that doesn’t need to be won
I am searching for a finish line that doesn’t exit
and you’re extending your arms as I sprint

I am only me and sometimes I barely exist
You are only you and I resist your feelings
I am pieces of a puzzle misunderstood
You can’t replace my bad with your good
just breathe

I have practiced this waltz in a full-length mirror
moves calculated and precise
your intervention is too kind to give attention to
your heart is too full to filter through
I am flying, flying so high and so far
uncharted skies on an uninhibited trajectory
I need to soar high to fall hard
and your parachute won’t provide me safety

I am only me and sometimes I’m a mess
You are only you and I resist your patience
I am a lock that your key won’t fit into
You can’t open doors that you’re not welcome to walk through
just breathe

I am disappearing
this much is true
and you are fading from my view
I’m so sorry that I couldn’t hold onto you
but I’m searching for that finish line
that I’ve longed for

I am only me and nothing more
You are only you and deserve more
Stop trying to fix what can’t be repaired
Let yourself come up for air
and just breathe
just breathe

I am only me
I am only…me