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Monday, December 5, 2011

Story Sample.

This is a small part of a story that's been bouncing around in my head since I was a teenager. I wrote this piece in 2008...the scene appeared in my head and I needed to get it onto paper. I still have this paper 3 years later. I made some minor changes and I'd love some feedback. 

Would this interest you?
Would you continue reading? (Does it contain that sense of urgency that would force you to turn the page?)


The kiss was harder and more urgent than the one we had shared before. His lips tangled with mine as he wove his fingers into my hair, locking my face to his.

There were a thousand different thoughts racing through my head at that moment. What did this mean? How did he feel? How did I feel? What was he thinking? What was I thinking? What about Kevin?

He pressed his body against mine and my mind became a black hole of nothingness, draining all logic down into a dangerous abyss. I wanted to push him away so I could collect myself and analyze this situation, but I stayed with him like a moon would orbit its planet.

When my body was beginning to completely surrender he stopped and pulled away, never losing eye contact. His heavy breathing made me aware of my own. His gaze moved around my face, studying my reaction.

“I want this,” he said, barely more than a whisper.

I wanted to fight him. I wanted to push him away so badly. I had to tell Leander that I didn’t want this. I wanted Kevin. This wasn’t right. Instead, I did nothing.

He placed his hand on my chest. “I want this,” he repeated.

I felt the black hole of nothingness pulling at the edges of my consciousness again. I was fighting a losing battle.

He kissed me again.

This wasn’t fair. I knew right from wrong. I knew that Kevin was at home probably waiting on my phone call. I tried to picture his face, the one that I knew so well, but all I could see was Leander. All I wanted was Leander, this tangled mess of a person whose gravitational pull was lifting me off of the ground and into a foreign galaxy that I didn’t belong in.

The black hole swallowed me as I pushed my lips harder into his.


  1. WOW! That's good Matt! I agree, you should write more to this story cause I would like to know who these people are and where did you get the name Leander, it's kinda hot lol

  2. Love you, Britt. I think I found the name in a baby name book and I agree, thought it

  3. ... and now you need a masked psycho to barge in and start chopping away. :D